Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random update

This blog has been out there for a while, but obviously hasn't been too active other than updating the Random List of Straight-on Kickers. We've started a Facebook page a while back which has about 70 members and just started a Twitter feed @StraightOnKicke.

It's been fun to see the network of straight-on kickers and friends come together over the last few years here and hope to keep it going. We're always interested in cool stories on current straight-on kickers and updates and memories from the glory days.

Thanks again and keep on straight-on kicking!


  1. Morgs...If you get this message, please contact me. My name is Bobby Manfredonia, I am 48 years oLd, a straight away placekicker playing semi pro for the famous BROOKLYN MARINERS in NEW YORK. hopkicker3@hotmail is my e-mail.

    Thanks, Bobby

    1. Sorry for delay and just tried to send an email. I'm at

  2. I am a straight toe placekicker from Marceline, MO. I will be playing kicker for the Missouri Valley Vikings come fall 2014.

  3. Lewis County High School in Hohenwald TN has a 15 year old straight toe kicker by the name of Crews Henderson looking real good

  4. I am a junior and got all-district kicker in Louisiana 5A football.